Level 2 May 31-June 2

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Our Level 2nd weekend is only for men who have been through a Level 1.

Level 1 focus on Spiritual formation and emotion health.

Level 2 Is specifically about gaining freedom in Christ. We have created an experiential weekend that walks you through Romans 6,7 and 8. On this weekend you will battle with who or what are you a slave to. Are you a slave to sin which leads to death or are you a slave to God which leads to life. Come join us in furthering your journey to walking closer with Jesus.

The cost for this weekend is $250. Please choose "Whole", "Remaining", or "Deposit" depend on how much you want to pay today. If you choose Deposit your spot will be held on this weekend.

This is a powerful weekend that God has used in many men's life to help them walk closer with him. I'm excited to see you up the mountain.

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